Not much is known about Turkka. We haven't met any member of the band personally, but we've got the sense that they're angry about something or possibly everything. The members of the band are called Pelkkä Kreivi, Aleksanteri Kastaja and Matti Tuovari, but names aren't important. Anger and flesh are.

Turkka play hardcore punk with hints of most musical genres imaginable. Their short songs (often under thirty seconds) seem to stem from an uncontrolled frustration and hatred towards this world of stupidity and sheep mentality.

Among the darkness shines a light, though. There is still hope. There must be. If there wasn't, why would Turkka even try to set us straight? Or maybe they just want to have a final laugh before all of this ends.


Lohja EP (siko-027)

Supertaide EP (siko-019)