The Organdicks

Siko Records was originally founded to publish the music by The Organdicks. The musicians of the band have always favoured remaining in obscurity instead of doing interviews or gigging. Even the number of the members in the band was kept a secret until recently, when one of their founding members, Holgeir, left the band to be able to convey his artistic ideas in a way more satisfying to him. At the moment, The Organdicks operate as a duo, and still wish to remain anonymous.
The very first Siko Record was Merry Robot 3000: Legalize Magnetism -EP by The Organdicks which came out in November 2001. The debut release introduced its listeners to a band who kept their stuff simple and short. The ten track EP clocks at just over fifteen minutes. That said, the bizarreness of the group is already present at least in the unique, numbered covers and surreal song titles such as Got My Ass Pierced and Horse Whores: A Feature Film.
In 2003, The Organdicks released their first long play album Music for Drooling Idiots with Trendy Beards, which was a huge success among the fans of all things Siko. This album was a giant leap for the band, and in fact, none of the tracks sounded a bit like their debut EP.
In 2004, the band shook the ground beneath their fans’ feet. The EP Snyt og Berøyjelser was again nothing like they had released before: a stunning four track EP made completely out of samples from Holgeir bopping and buzzing with his mouth. And to make the deal even more uncompromising, the band decided to name their songs in Vejklandish, the mother tongue of Holgeir.
After Snyt og Berøyjelser, Holgeir left and the remaining Organdicks members decided to go on exploring new grounds with their old name.


Snyt og Berøyjelser (siko-006)

Music for Drooling Idiots with Trendy Beards (siko-002)

Merry Robot 3000: Legalize Magnetism -EP (siko-001)

Sikotauti - A Young Person's Guide to Sikology (siko-010)