The New Soviet

The usual deal with Siko Records goes like this: there's a concept that sounds weird but interesting, an album that has a bunch of oddly named tracks on it and a pretty neat cover art, but the music is nothing short of unlistenable.
There are some exceptions, however, and The New Soviet is definitely one of them. Their songs have actually been written and rehearsed before recording and the musicians have at least some kind of idea of how to play their instruments.
What does it sound like, then? The band have found out that there are some other bands that all of them like and they are all indie rock to a degree. So, we suppose it is fair to call The New Soviet indie rock as well. One could hear at least hints of Canada and UK in the mix, but we aren't going to drop any names, though.
Drums, bass, guitars, assorted keyboards and singing. You know the deal.


Party (siko-015)