Roman Catholic Skulls

Now, get this. Roman Catholic Skulls is a drone duo from Indonesia. Really, Indonesia! I'm not making this up. Hooray for the internet, eh?

This is what they say about their music: "Di tahap ini sih gue udah gak bisa membedakan secara emosi musik yang konvensional dan musik yang bagi beberapa orang mungkin terhitung eksperimental. Setiap kali gue buat musik, gue cuma berusaha membuat sesuatu yang bisa ‘menggerakan’ gue – pendengar selalu jadi nomor dua." I'm not sure what that means, but if Google Translator works at all, it may be something about their approach to music making and that they like to make music that moves them, nevermind the listener. And that's the kind of attitude we like!

Roman Catholic Skulls' debut release, Weathered, is one ridiculously good lump of hazy droning, noise and sound collage. It's pretty doomy at places, but at the same time it manages to sound quite, well, tropical. I hope they don't mind if their listeners like it, too, because we sure do.


Weathered (siko-030)