There is no need to argue: hot new Japanese duo (sometimes trio) Perculators is the noise music combo of today. Emerging from noise-blues-rock scene of late zeroties, members Space Cabinet and Mahogany Mothership have created a sound of their own. The secretive duo – well known for their exuberant on-stage antics – comprises of Space Cabinet and Mahogany Mothership on guitar and bass, not necessarily respectively. They are sometimes assisted by a drummer extraordinaire, Lightspeed Huit. Siko Records is proud to present you the first tracks printed outside of Japan.
A common misconception holds that Perculators’ style of song-writing is somehow improvisational rather than a product of rigorous planning. Their music stems from a surprising source: a thorough knowledge of their instruments and musical theory. Their sound is, however, far from classical. A blend of daring atonal guitar licks, and violently turbulent bass handling, form this group’s unique take on the world around us. Rumours of their sixteen hour workdays spent training and composing may have discouraged some esteemed musicians from working with Perculators. But not Stalemar (see the link below).


Autoerotic fatalities with power hydraulics (siko-012)

Sikotauti - A Young Person's Guide to Sikology (siko-010)

with Stalemar:

You are not wrong for the time being (siko-017)