Everyone’s favourite Veijklandish oddball, Holgeir, made a drastic career move in the early 2005, when he decided to call it quits with The Organdicks, a group that has become the most central part of the Siko family and – maybe even more importantly – a group he took part founding four years earlier.
Since then Holgeir has been working on his new material which draws heavily from a peculiar form of Veijklandish folk music, fæstsjungst, that has been sung on the tiny island for centuries. Each generation introduces the next one to this rhythmic music that completely consists of chanting, buzzing and clicking made with the mouth, tongue and throat. Words are rarely used.
Normally, fæstsjungst is sung by groups of four or more individuals, but Holgeir takes advantage of modern technology and sings with himself with the help of a sequencer program.
Holgeir’s fæstsjungst is a modern version of this ancient tradition, with influences drawn from present day hip hop, jazz, avantgarde and the like. His fellow Veijklandish people have celebrated his music even though people often tend to frown upon reformists such as Holgeir. It is hard to frown upon Holgeir’s music, though.


Sækkler auv fæstsjungst (siko-018)

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