Blending the sounds from Berlin and London, a spoonful of minimal techno and a even a shake of dubstep, Folkhälsan creates a sound that falls nothing short of contemporary. The union of techno and dubstep is not a mixture unheard of among the connoisseurs of the latest trends in electronic music. Folkhälsan, however, succeeds to avoid the most obvious choices and ends up brewing glitch, ambient and SF Funky from these fine ingredients. Yes, it is actually that academic.
But then again, Folkhälsan does have a track called Tits 2 and its curious wonky sound makes the listener wonder if it really is this middlebrow. Or is it all just a postmodernist play on meanings?
We certainly don't know. But the music ranks among the very best of our catalogue.


Talkoot (siko-024)

Folkhälsan (siko-016)