Blues Blues Blues Carnage

Blues Blues Blues Carnage was formed in 2004 by the Polish-American couple Mirosław and Holly Żurawski. They used to form the rhythm section of a leftwing hardcore outfit called Distress during the late eighties. According to them, they grew tired of the constant headaches caused by the extremely high sound volume of their gigs.
After quitting Distress, The Żurawskis produced silent short films for about ten years. In 2001, they wrote a script for a film that was intended to be shown as a part of a performance dealing with themes such as AIDS and drugs. After months of work they had to admit to themselves that the performance would not be perfect without sound.
Reluctantly they grasped their old instruments to record material for the film. After a couple of days of rehearsing, they found themselves buying new gear, effects, synthesizers and whatnot, and feeling born again in the world of music. This project slowly developed into what we now understand to be Blues Blues Blues Carnage.
The old punk instruments have little by little disappeared from their music. Nowadays it's all about that little sister of ambient music who refuses to remain silent in the background.


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