Arka is a folk-ish electro-acoustic musical hallucination. The music draws its emotional ambience and presence from distracted dreams and shards of memories from the fairy tales mother used to read. It is a musical equivalent of dreaming aloud.
The music presents a naïve and primitive view of the world. The emotions communicated through the music are those that we all feel, but fear to express. Dissatisfaction, inadequacy, mediocrity, longing, jealous rage and even perversions are present in Arka’s fragile and timid sound. Decorated with improvised melodies that are unpolished and bare, with all the mistakes left untouched, the music gives a merciful reflection of the unfinished and imperfect mind we all have.


Naamio (siko-020)

Uni-EP (siko-008)

Sikotauti - A Young Person's Guide to Sikology (siko-010)