23.05.13 Tour de force

The two EPs Matti T has released on Siko Records are among the best releases we've put out, and his debut album doesn't let one down. First & Last is a giant thirtythree-minute track that makes me think of Demdike Stare or Kreng here and there - and that's a huge, huuuge, recommendation!

02.01.13 Thrilled

Hey, here's a nice way to start the year: More Conscientious Behavior by Coldsleepyhead. It's an fifteen-minute escape from the dull everyday life by means of lo-fi shoegaze pop.

27.10.12 The very essence of psychedelia

What would psychedelic rock sound, if the "rock" was removed completely? If there were no guitar fuzz, no vocals soaked in reverb with trippy lyrics or not even drums? One answer to this question is Acid Attack by S.Ahola.

25.05.12 Still distracted

Last year, Matti T released his debut Distraction EP. He's going on with the theme by releasing Distracted Mind EP. It's a finely crafted set of soothing and crackling tunes. And what's more, it includes a killer remix from Folkhälsan (who should put out a new release, too, if you ask us).

30.03.12 We'll make your skull whirr

Noisy, drony sound collages, that's what Weathered by Roman Catholic Skulls is about, and we're pretty damn proud to have the opportunity to release it.

28.01.12 Free AER20-200 for everyone!

Now, don't take this as a suggestion to not buy the glorious white 12" vinyl EP, but Glycosaminoglycan Sulodexide by AER20-200 is now available as a free download.

25.10.11 A lush batch of sounds to sink your head in

New release, Distraction EP, from a new Siko artist, Matti T, is out today. It will make you sleep, in a good way.

02.07.11 Californian apocalypse

Corroded Master is the latest offspring of the ever-growing Siko family. His evil sounds makes me think he might be a problem child. I dare you to listen to Flesh of God.

27.12.10 Anger, chapter two

Like this world wasn't already vile enough a place, Turkka have decided to put out a live recording. Lohja EP was recorded last August at Sikofest. No, listening to the record doesn't make up for your absence from the actual event, but if you were there, you can cherish the moments of pain you went through with the rest of the audience (all of whom are listed on the CD inlay).

There is also a very limited vinyl pressing of both Supertaide EP and Lohja EP, but I'm not sure it's possible for you to get any of those. E-mail us if you're interested, and we'll see what we can do.

16.12.10 A vinyl, a fucking white vinyl!

Okay, this is just ridiculously cool, awesome, wicked, or whatever the kids say these days. AER20-200 has made a stunningly good four-track EP Glycosaminoglycan Sulodexide, and it is packed in a super-mega-luxus laser-cut cardboard sleeve and pressed on a white 12" vinyl. And somehow Siko Records got the chance to release this spectacle! Sorry, but no free downloads this time. Preview and place your order here.

29.11.10 Sounds of youth

Two new releases: Talkoot by Folkhälsan (almost 26 years of age) and 1 by QR (almost one year of age).

On Talkoot, Folkhälsan takes a step further from glitch to the recent bass music from UK. We'd call it UK funky, if his origins didn't clash with the genre tag. SF funky?

QR has recorded a ten-minute set of jazzy improv. What did you do at his age? Not recordings, I suspect.

10.11.10 There will be more

No, we haven't been on a hiatus, it's just that we've been lazy when it comes to updating the website. Siko Records released three comics a couple of months ago: Akhilleus Raato and Suomen kaunein mies by Tuomas Kärkkäinen and nafta 1 by Antti Kangas.

We also held a festival last summer. Sikofest consisted of three days of live music (and live "music") with performances from many Siko artists. Expect a DVD soonish.

In addition to the DVD, we'll put out a couple of other releases before the end of the year, if everything goes as planned.

07.01.10 A suggestion

Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook. Or don't, it's up to you really.

29.12.09 What's inside of you and me

Yes, new album again. This time it's the full-length debut from Arka. Naamio is a thirty-minute-long exhibition of the most primitive aspects of human nature, including rage, fear and indifference. Musically, Arka has taken a leap forward from Uni-EP's somewhat homespun soundscapes, but hasn't lost their fragile sincerity nor their adventurous point of view that keeps the music ever-engaging. I mean, like, do listen to it.

25.12.09 Two new releases

For one reason or another, virtually no records are released today. We don't know what's behind this phenomenon, but we decided to put out not one but two releases to fill in the gap.

Sækkler auv fæstsjungst is the debut album by Holgeir, the weird arse beatboxer who used to be in The Organdicks. The CD-r version comes with a hand-embroidered bag to cover the hand-printed lino cut artwork. The item is highly collectable, but of course you can download the music for free, if you don't need the crap around it.

Supertaide EP by Turkka is possibly the very best thing we've put out so far: twentyseven fusion-tinted hardcore punk bursts in a little less than twelve minutes. Phew. As always, there is a limited edition of CD-r's available and an unlimited edition of free downloands. The physical copy includes lyrics for all of the tracks, as well as some pretty nifty artwork.

07.09.09 The collaboration of the year

Stalemar asked if Perculators would like to make a collaborative track. They did, ending up with eight of them. You are not wrong for the time being by Stalemar & Perculators is a delightful EP of noisy nonsense no-rock. That's a genre, you know.

30.07.09 Fixed a glitch with the glitch album

Folkhälsan's eponymous debut album got a bad start as the mp3 files were broken. They're fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

24.07.09 Contemporary, baby

Dubstep is arguably the electronic sound of this decade. The scene or genre has proven to be prolific and subject to constant variation. Folkhälsan touches dubstep here and there on their self-titled new album. Most of the tracks stray off dubstep, though, into the world of minimalist glitch.

"Essential purchase" as they say in Boomkat. But of course you can just download it for free, if you don't feel like buying the CD-r.

24.05.09 Join the party! (Sorry for the tacky heading)

Do you people really like the kind of stuff you find on this website? The buzzing, the clinking and the ringing?

If you can give yourself a permission to listen to non-avantgarde music, you should check out Party by The New Soviet. It's an EP of four catchy (indie) rock tunes and not that hard to listen to.

09.05.09 Blues Blues Blues Carnage put out a record

Blues Blues Blues Carnage started working on their album five years ago. Now it is done. Those of you who have listened to the two tracks on the recent Sikotauti compilation know what it's all about: something like ambient but not quite. We like to call it punk ambient (well, no we don't actually, I just made that up).

Go listen to the album and if you happen to like it, do consider surprising us by ordering a CD-r version of it. It comes with fancy Holga photography. (Can Holga ever be fancy?)

Blues Blues Blues Carnage: Sleepglue

27.04.09 Spice!

The debut album by Spice Girls is arguably the most important album of the last twenty years. A splendid internet community Apskaft has put their heads together to pay tribute to this unbelievable recording. The result is an album where the members of Apskaft cover every track of Spice and two other tracks as well. The most interesting cover Siko-wise is Something Kinda Funny by Drn Drn, because of the band being comprised of some of the Siko people you already know (kind of).

Listen to Apskaft Presents: Spice

14.03.09 Pet Ulcer's Teenage Bladder is out

We've got this new artist who has put out an album full of noise (or soft noise as he likes to call it). It's a bit like an easy-listening version of Merzbow.

We were supposed to release the album yesterday, on Friday the 13th, but we forgot to do it. So, it's out now, even though the release date isn't that gloomy.

Pet Ulcer: Teenage Bladder

14.02.09 Perculators release their Siko debut

We have released twenty minutes of Japanese lofi-avant-noise-blues-rock by Perculators. The EP is the first release outside of Japan from this reckless duo. It is bound to break your eardrums.

There are a couple of CD-r's available with pretty amazing photography. Of course, you can download it for free as well.

We would like to emphasize that the EP was released yesterday, Friday the 13th. Oo, gloomy.

Perculators: Autoerotic fatalities with power hydraulics

01.02.09 Siko Records is re-animated

After a long pause, we are now back in the internet. From now on, Siko Records is primarily a netlabel. We will release most of our music as free downloads along with limited CD-r versions.

We have released two albums since we woke up again. The long-awaited compilation Sikotauti has been out since last July. It includes twenty previously unreleased tracks from a diverse batch of artists. The CD-r release comes with a fancy 40-page booklet. Casual Street Band have also released their third album, Monday Meeting, but we have heard it only once so far.

See Releases to download these albums or contact us, if you want to buy Sikotauti. To get a physical copy of Monday Meeting, you'll have to contact the band, I'm afraid.